Swale Weather

Swale Weather FAQ

Swale Weather FAQ

Is Swale Weather a Free Service?

Yes Swale Weather is a Free Service and we do not plan to change that in the near future.

Do you plan to continue the Facebook Swale Weather Page forecasts?

Yes. We do not plan to make any near changes. All depends on Public Support.

Why do i see a Login Button on the top of the Website?

At the moment the button will just log you in. We do not collect any information from your Facebook Account. This is currently the Developer Button because is all that happens is a login and nothing else. We do plan on improving the Service shortly.

I have a question. How do i Contact you?

Please email us at questions@swaleweather.com

Can i work for Swale Weather?

If you would like to work for Swale Weather it will be a Volenteer option. If you are interested please email us at team@swaleweather.com

Do you get paid for doing the Swale Weather?

Nice question. We do not get paid to Publish the Swale Weather Service. Swale Weather is part of the Swale Weather Project which is a Volenteer Service for Swale. Any Donations for the Project will be nice. You can donate by clicking the Support Us link on our Website. We appreciate all support given to us.

I see your Article at Kent Online. I am really interested and would like to help out. Is this possible?

Yes. Please Contact team@swaleweather.com so we can fill you in and you can tell us how you would like to help.

I am a Developer and would like to get involved is that ok?

Certainly. We are looking for the best of experienced people to work for Swale Weather voluntarily and help out every way possible to make Swale Weather a better Service for everyone. Please contact team@swaleweather.com and let us know how you can help out.

Does Swale Weather do Prize Draws?

Yes. We set up Prize Draws on our Facebook Page. Keep a eye out for the next one.